Saturday, September 19, 2020

That Question...AGAIN!

Yes, again we find ourselves regressing to a former place.  A painful place.  An ugly place.  Will YOU join the crowd, or will you make a difference?

"Who then is my brother?"
Is the question YET to lurk?!
One plague to make us equal each--
no status, station or work!
If I must even ponder such,
then I have missed the mark,
and all the light of God inside me
surely has lost its spark!

For RIGHT NOW is a time that we
should need each other most.
But some attempt to repel ANYONE
by word or deed or post!
Vessels developed for this age
to draw each other close
have turned to podiums of wrath
with terms and words so gross!!

How can I have a friend if I,
myself, refuse to be?!
The love of God CANNOT shine forth
if hatred spews from me!!
And not just word, but 'looks' and 'deeds,'
THEY speak so very much!
And, in the same, it's impossible
to evidence Jesus' touch!

How can I be a 'brother?'
But it is the greatest call!
I've got to let HIM shine through 'living,'
and 'live' in front of ALL!

We all have occupations, assignments or duties in this life.  Do we do them begrudgingly, or do we go about our day with His Light shining forth?  Of a truth, too many moments of darkness have made their way to the forefront, and too many outlets are glorifying them.  BUT THERE IS GOOD!!  And GOOD shall prevail, regardless what you've heard!

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