Thursday, September 24, 2020

That Daily BATTLE!

Like it or not, there is one going on.  If you are unaware of it, then you are either oblivious or you have found THE SECRET!!

There is a battle going on--
a battle for our TIME!
The more advanced--the busier!
More difficult to rhyme!
Especially the home front--
those deserving time the most!
This world would have each one of us
to each be so engrossed!!
BUT GOD, He means for 'balance' to be
in EVERY part of life.
He has the perfect way for us
to live above the strife!

So many are the issues that
would get us so involved,
but yielding our time to HIS lead
makes each day to be solved!
Regardless of your 'title' or
the business you are in,
ask Him to lead, give Him the reins
and progress will begin!

However, it takes effort on
our part to gain control.
Turn off the noise...attempt to focus...
HE will make you whole!
Leave work AT work and savor time
with family and friends,
help one another, lend a hand,
and watch as peace begins!

It's a busy world.  It's an uptight world.  It's a frantic world.  However, with God in control it can be a beautiful world!  You must DECIDE that you are going to relinquish that control to Him.  For a lot of folks I know, that's a difficult thing to do.  It IS a necessity, however!

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