Friday, September 4, 2020

Surveying the Sight

Once again, one of 'those days!'  The line coming to my window had very few empty spaces in almost five hours.  But I so enjoyed it!
Right now, however, is a very special time to rest, relax and refresh.  As I do, I look out across the land and wonder

How many are the species
out here across the lands?
Just to count the different birds
requires many hands!
The deer, so quietly grazing as
I stay out of their sight--
enough to thrill the viewing heart
and fill with great delight!
The fawns--so very innocent
and bearing many spots,
cavort and play and jump about
out on the grassy lots!
One buck to graze beside; I think
there are 10 points on his rack.
Cameras be the only things
that shoot from THIS man's shack!

All as afternoon expires,
evening to set in...
shadows become longer as autumn
vestiges begin;
and God, Himself, sits with me as
the hummingbirds come dine.
Autumn evening in the Ozarks--
moments so divine!

Perhaps the deer are aware that I leave my guns inside?  For they only raise their heads and look as I turn pages.  We are so blessed!  God is so good and His creation ALWAYS amazes!!

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