Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Each of us have struggles.  Some of us more than others.  Because we are servants of God, or even hold a 'position' in His service, does that make us immune.  Of course not, but it still hurts!
My friends are having struggles
of which they will not tell.
To announce it to the world,
my heart would so compel!
Two loving servants going through
things each of us so dread--
to get them assistance and support,
so many of us be led!

There is a system of support:
it's them that heed the heart!
Those who heed the Holy Spirit,
they, too, have a part!
As God provides to them from them
that listen to His call,
my friends will struggle so much less,
as HE'S The Wherewithal!

Yes, my friends are having struggles,
they are temporary, though,
as the God of plenty, each
of us, we truly know!
He will come through with ALL they need
and HE'LL be glorified!
This we believe.  This we KNOW!
Such truth is certified!

So painful it is to see the righteous suffer.  Especially people who minister to you and help you get through your own struggles!  It hurts!  But God is faithful.  God is good.  And God WILL COME THROUGH as we press on in prayer for one another!  Such be settled TRUTH!  Please join us in prayer for them.

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