Wednesday, September 30, 2020


There is a song inside the heart of ALL who claim Jesus as their Savior.  He puts it there when we give our hearts to Him.  Life, itself, attempts to steal that blessed melody with situations.  Don't let it!

When all the songs be gone from me
He gives to me His Own...

when music may be absent here
He sends it from the throne!
So countless the scenarios
that steal our melody--
He understands each one of them
and gives delivery!
For no matter what this life contains,
God still makes a way.
He's made provision for each thing
that may be in our day.
Regardless how unpleasant or
how painful it may be,
He comes alongside when we call,
loves, heals and sets free!
He even elevates us to a place
we can't get to on our own,
gifting us and reaffirming
that we are His Own,
restoring there the music and
the verses to the song
that is oh so necessary
to carry us along!

When all the songs be gone from us?
The same can never be
because the Song of Life is living
in hearts of such as we!

The song is there!!  The 'noise' of life would constantly attempt to drown it out, but DON'T LET IT!  Cling to Him Who is The Song and His melody will escort you to the end!

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