Saturday, September 26, 2020

Seeing more than sight!

Each of us has opportunity to do such whenever we gaze out at God's great creation.  Make sure you take time often to do such, especially THIS season!

I look out on this afternoon
unto the massive trees;
they gently wave at Father God
with just the slightest breeze!
They house our feathered friends and more
within their massive arms;
and, if a storm approaches us,
the same become alarms.
And in the days that are, as autumn
starts to come of age,
the leaves reveal a gentle burn
that will become a rage!
But not just yet--they serve as backdrop
as I worship God.
I praise and glorify Him and,
His handiwork, applaud!
As we commune before the trees
and talk about the day,
He whispers, o so subtly
and they gently sway!

So generous be Creator God,
the Maker of all things,
to freely share with us His trees
of which the privy sings!
Less wealthy be the ones who pass
them by without a note;
for, of their awe and splendor,
o so very much is wrote!

So grand and glorious be the land as autumn begins to don her garments!  So blessed and highly favored them that are fortunate enough to behold such!


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