Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Priceless Values

Values like 'work ethic' and 'dependability.'  They may be 'endangered species,' and you may think me a 'relic,' but I KNOW that I was blessed to be taught such by two hard-working, loving parents!

"My parents are no longer,"
but such will NEVER be!
For their affects, their influence
and lives still many see!
I find myself but daily reflecting
on lessons that they taught;
for mom and dad instructed, whether
trying to or not.
God knew the parents I would need
to be the man I be.
Dad's work ethic and momma's tact
cause the success I see.
Seeing her treat 'customers'
with utmost respect
so shaped this man to see our guests
with positive aspect;
and seeing dad's consistency
in every task at hand
taught me that 'integrity'
is always in demand!

My folks may be no longer,
but ever they remain
inside my heart, inside my thought
and in my every gain!
And, in the children of my own,
I see them clearly so.
God Most High receives all praise
for such memories to know.

Yea, blessed is this man to have grown up in the same house as these two honest, hard-working people!  And even more blessed to behold such success in my own children where they are!  And even MORE blessed to have a wife who STILL gives her all!  Truth be told, I could not do what I do where I am if it were not for her. 
Oh, that such qualities would be present in every household.  But I know that such not always is, as I see folks 'come and go' too often in that wonderful place that employs me.


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