Friday, September 11, 2020


There are certain 'days' in life that we have come to commemorate...for better or for worse.  Today is one of them, and it is NOT for celebrating!  It IS, however, to be forever marked in our hearts for several reasons...

So tragic are the memories
of such a 'hollow' deed!
The epitome of cowardice
to cause a country bleed.
A shame be it to call this day
an 'anniversary,'
but HEROES--those who died...who helped...
and yet have pains that be.
Pain or loss of each life stolen
from them on that day...
pain for those who gave their all
in service every way...
pain for how it changed the way
we look at one another--
to realize the 'enemy'
could be our very brother!

So encouraging, refreshing,
the way that each heart wakes
when events of daily life,
so abruptly, takes.
'Friends' come out of nowhere, giving
everything they've got...
assistance comes from places that
one never would have thought...
and folks be drawn together, working
for a greater cause...
God Himself to be revealed
out of most painful draws!

Anniversary?  No.  Anniversary is something that is celebrated.  Commemoration?  Yes.  And let us be careful to do it in such a way that honors all of those involved, continuing to pray for the losses.

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