Sunday, September 27, 2020

Labor's End

As I finish up the day, I get a drink and go out back, beneath the trees, and savor the Autumn that He has created...

'How many shades of 'shade' beneath
the trees this afternoon
filtered through the turning leaves 
as breezes sing their tune?'
Such to busy the lover of
His handiwork awhile,
as He looks upon creation's trove
and gently gives a smile.
A perfect ending to another
time at labor's best.
He helped me to accomplish such
and, now, a time to rest.
He joins me here beneath the trees
and listens to my day;
more, though, He replies, and I
absorb what He would say.
How many take the time to LISTEN
before they move along?
Doing such adds glorious verses
to that constant song
that is sung by ALL belonging to Him--
Creator God Most High.
Make time to listen for yourself,
your life to multiply!

Too many of us see or think of 'prayer' or 'communication' with God as but a very brief period somewhere in the day...and 'monologue' at that!  What if God was with you constantly and 'prayer' was a constant communication and fellowship with Him?  BUT IT CAN BE!  He wants to be THAT involved with you and you with Him!  Thank about it.


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