Friday, September 25, 2020

Glories so grand! is done once again.  As I recline before His creation, He instructs me to get my pen as He describes to me...

"So lofty be Your dwelling place,
ornate and o so grand!
Beyond imagination, more
than ANY understand!
But how, Lord, can a learned man,
(much less a lowly poet!)
of the grandeur of You or
Your habitation, come to know it?!
It comes alone as I spend time 
in Your Presence and Your Word,
and even as Your lovely voice is,
by my spirit, heard!

The secrets oh most valuable--
they are NOT out of reach!
They are availed unto the faithful--
Holy Spirit--He would teach!
O spend time in the Presence speaking,
listening, as well;
you will be all the richer, friend;
but time, but time will tell!

Getting to know God and the wonders that await.  It does take time, a most precious commodity, and it is availed in His Presence and in His Word.  Make sure you take time to partake of each daily!  

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