Friday, September 18, 2020

Friday Morning

Friday Morning.  What holds this day?  I KNOW several things that will be.  The rest, however, is completely up to God...

In places grand that each of us
have yet to understand,
'happenings' are being shaped
and guided by His hand.
While loved ones gone behold His working
with their very eyes,
we press on in faith, so boldly,
savoring the prize!
And as we go, so many have
no clue of understanding;
BUT GOD, He sees to our success,
and makes us do outstanding!
Even through the trials that seem
to come without an end,
He is offering hope and assurance,
and being a 'friend!'
And, in the days that are, a 'friend'
is something we ALL need!
One Who offers hope and peace
and hears each want and need.
For He listens...understands...provides
like not any other 'man;'
He KNOWS the steps, the things around us--
He drew the very plans!!

Friday morning.  The day ahead.  Times are certainly 'uncertain,' but Jesus is secure and He NEVER fails!  Trust Him!


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