Monday, September 28, 2020


"Ahhh...another perfect day.  Nothing went wrong at work.  Everybody got along.  Even at the shopping center folks were helping one another.  What a beautiful day!"  Really?!  Oh, would that not be wonderful?!

Oh when is it that 'equality'
the norm, it will become?
The days that are--such chaos, anger,
injustice be the sum!
For in the sight of God Most High
the same each of us be,
yet, in the world, 'attitudes'
differ so horribly!

My 'performance...'
the way I part my hair...
the way I look...the food I eat...
even the things I wear...
these issues--they determine my
acceptance or my shame;
BUT GOD loves me the way I am!
Why can't WE do the same?!!

'Equality'--a word that stirs
emotion--good or bad.
This shouldn't be!  There is a goal
that EVERYONE has had:
to treat each other equally,
love truly as we should.
When we start doing this we shall
behold the greater good!

Equality.  Like it or not, every one of us are the same in the eyes of God.  Why can't we be such in each other's eyes?  Imagine how much less pain there would be!  Imagine how much money we would save!  Imagine....


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