Monday, September 7, 2020

Don't be too 'busied!'

So much going on in so many places.  How is one to keep up with it all?  WE ARE NOT MEANT TO!!  That's for God to do...and only He can!  We are to do what we can, while we can for Him Who has a crown waiting for us.

For Him Who gives His all for us, press on...
for Him Who makes a way for us, press on...
though turbulent the days ahead, press on
knowing there is great reward,
and time to bask in HIM be never gone!

"Gird up your loins for days ahead,"
The Word instructs us all!
For trial and tribulation wait
yet even for the Called.
But God will not abandon us,
no matter what we face;
and victory is guaranteed
through His amazing grace!

"As children, so obedient,"
He calls for us to be;
not conformed to ignorance
that be constantly,
but TRANSFORMED by Him ever by
renewing mind and heart;
such the ONLY way to conquer
what the world will start!

For there is eternity,
and Paradise to be
IF holy we remain--
His victory our gain!

Yes, so busy is this world with things that attempt to sway us and get us involved.  Things that literally 'suck you in!'  Don't let them!  Stand firm in that which you KNOW to be True and will stand for eternity!


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