Monday, September 21, 2020

Coastal Dawn

Rising early, I make my coffee, take care of a few things and then step out onto the back deck.  The view from here is amazing, and the Company is like no other!!

The breakers roll and crash
against the rugged shore...
they evidence, so well, this day
that seasons change once more.
The usual be but swimming trunks
upon this daily stop,
but, on THIS day, the shirt and pants
most certainly won't drop!
The autumn wind has got a bite,
and heavy from the north;
the hardiest of surfers will,
this day, dare to go forth!
And NONE to walk along the shore
this early in the day;
perhaps they, too, can sense the season
as it comes our way.
The fishing boats, however, they are
busy early on;
the catch be now so plentiful
so they left port before dawn!
They'll get their limit early and
begin to head to port...
but I will sip my coffee and
enjoy The Lord's report!
For He and I, we often meet here
and at ANY hour!
I worship Him, converse with Him,
and receive His power!
For it is such that causes me
success throughout the day:
setting time aside for Him

Not everyone can have a view such as this.  I am so blessed!  Everyone can, however, enjoy the company of Jesus wherever they may be!  Call His Name and invite Him to start the day with you.  I promise you, the day will certainly go smoother!


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