Sunday, September 13, 2020


So glorious the day that He has made.  And He is so generous that He shares it with us!  Every day!!  Some of those days, though, just don't so glorious and wonderful.
Have you been there?

The challenges of living--
some would choose to run!
I face the same, however, saying
"Lord, Thy will be done!"
Not every day be paradise...
until the Trumpet Blast;
'til That Day, however, through
the gamut, we be passed!
Not everything of every day
is known to everyone.
We ALL go through things that make us
wish that it was done!
Too many miss out on life, however,
by wishing they had another.
I promise you, however, you're
no different than your brother.
BUT GOD, He sees the challenges
that His Own children face,
and grants to each of them the perfect
portion of His grace!

The challenges of living.  Trust me,
you are NOT alone.
Every facet of your state
is very fully known.
Trust Him. TRUST HIM!  Keep the faith!
Depend upon Him NOW!
Those challenges--every one of us
shall overcome somehow!

Somehow?  By the grace of God Most High shall we overcome them.  Regardless who you are...where you old or young you are...His grace is availed to meet those challenges!  Trust Him today, won't you?  JESUS NEVER FAILS!


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