Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Biblical Events

Strange times these are, my friends.  In too many parts of this world, ecological events are happening in Biblical proportion.  Unfortunately, folks are overlooking the 'Biblical' part of it and attempting to solve it on their own.  We are seeing the results of that before our very eyes.  We MUST turn to God to help solve these problems.  THERE IS NO OTHER WAY!

There is an orange-kind of haze
that tints most all the land.
They say it is from massive blazes
and carried by jet-stream hand!
Catastrophic and destructive,
painful unto all--
so is the content of my prayer
as, unto God, I call.

"O Father, it's been too many days
since any rain has come.
Thus fires, injuries and loss
have been the very sum.
I am aware of how environs
purge themselves each year,
but times of late have been so strange
to oh so many here!
We ask that You would intervene
and send that soothing rain--
not massive storms...not raging floods...
but that with soothes the pain!
We KNOW that You are able, as
You are THE God Who cares,
and, oh so oft, You do these things
as we are unawares.
BUT GOD, right now it's in our face,
and only YOU can help!
For in the mass of Your great hand, Lord,
we be but a whelp!
Come, Deliverer, save and heal
as You so often do,
and we will see all credit and
all glory goes to YOU!"

Yes, this catastrophic event is greater than we can fathom or fix.  It will take our humility and His divine intervention.  Join me in this prayer, won't you?


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