Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Another beautiful day that God created.  One more day accomplishing the task assigned to me.  Success.  But what if it goes another way?  A way we had not planned?  Hmmm...

When situations go awry,
when things are not 'alright...'
when failure appears so evident
and I can't make things aright...
encouragement from friends and family
only do so much;
however, the voice of God Most High
contains the perfect touch!

I may not have succeeded in
the world's fickle sight,
but in the eyes of Father God
I still be a delight!
His affirmations to the heart
are far beyond a price!
And His embrace throughout the day
does certainly suffice!

Whenever I have done my best,
regardless of the sum,
God celebrates this man, inviting
me to freely come!
He realizes more than anyone
the effort I've put out;
serving Him--no matter what--
is what it's all about!

You put in a full day's work, you did your best and MAN is still not happy with you.  SO WHAT!  You set out to accomplish something, and LIFE got in the way!  THAT'S LIFE!  As long as YOU know you gave your all, that's what matters to God!  And even when you feel that you could have done better, He STILL loves you and accepts you!  And that's the greatest satisfaction there can be!


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