Wednesday, September 30, 2020


There is a song inside the heart of ALL who claim Jesus as their Savior.  He puts it there when we give our hearts to Him.  Life, itself, attempts to steal that blessed melody with situations.  Don't let it!

When all the songs be gone from me
He gives to me His Own...

when music may be absent here
He sends it from the throne!
So countless the scenarios
that steal our melody--
He understands each one of them
and gives delivery!
For no matter what this life contains,
God still makes a way.
He's made provision for each thing
that may be in our day.
Regardless how unpleasant or
how painful it may be,
He comes alongside when we call,
loves, heals and sets free!
He even elevates us to a place
we can't get to on our own,
gifting us and reaffirming
that we are His Own,
restoring there the music and
the verses to the song
that is oh so necessary
to carry us along!

When all the songs be gone from us?
The same can never be
because the Song of Life is living
in hearts of such as we!

The song is there!!  The 'noise' of life would constantly attempt to drown it out, but DON'T LET IT!  Cling to Him Who is The Song and His melody will escort you to the end!

Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Each of us have struggles.  Some of us more than others.  Because we are servants of God, or even hold a 'position' in His service, does that make us immune.  Of course not, but it still hurts!
My friends are having struggles
of which they will not tell.
To announce it to the world,
my heart would so compel!
Two loving servants going through
things each of us so dread--
to get them assistance and support,
so many of us be led!

There is a system of support:
it's them that heed the heart!
Those who heed the Holy Spirit,
they, too, have a part!
As God provides to them from them
that listen to His call,
my friends will struggle so much less,
as HE'S The Wherewithal!

Yes, my friends are having struggles,
they are temporary, though,
as the God of plenty, each
of us, we truly know!
He will come through with ALL they need
and HE'LL be glorified!
This we believe.  This we KNOW!
Such truth is certified!

So painful it is to see the righteous suffer.  Especially people who minister to you and help you get through your own struggles!  It hurts!  But God is faithful.  God is good.  And God WILL COME THROUGH as we press on in prayer for one another!  Such be settled TRUTH!  Please join us in prayer for them.

Monday, September 28, 2020


"Ahhh...another perfect day.  Nothing went wrong at work.  Everybody got along.  Even at the shopping center folks were helping one another.  What a beautiful day!"  Really?!  Oh, would that not be wonderful?!

Oh when is it that 'equality'
the norm, it will become?
The days that are--such chaos, anger,
injustice be the sum!
For in the sight of God Most High
the same each of us be,
yet, in the world, 'attitudes'
differ so horribly!

My 'performance...'
the way I part my hair...
the way I look...the food I eat...
even the things I wear...
these issues--they determine my
acceptance or my shame;
BUT GOD loves me the way I am!
Why can't WE do the same?!!

'Equality'--a word that stirs
emotion--good or bad.
This shouldn't be!  There is a goal
that EVERYONE has had:
to treat each other equally,
love truly as we should.
When we start doing this we shall
behold the greater good!

Equality.  Like it or not, every one of us are the same in the eyes of God.  Why can't we be such in each other's eyes?  Imagine how much less pain there would be!  Imagine how much money we would save!  Imagine....


Sunday, September 27, 2020

Labor's End

As I finish up the day, I get a drink and go out back, beneath the trees, and savor the Autumn that He has created...

'How many shades of 'shade' beneath
the trees this afternoon
filtered through the turning leaves 
as breezes sing their tune?'
Such to busy the lover of
His handiwork awhile,
as He looks upon creation's trove
and gently gives a smile.
A perfect ending to another
time at labor's best.
He helped me to accomplish such
and, now, a time to rest.
He joins me here beneath the trees
and listens to my day;
more, though, He replies, and I
absorb what He would say.
How many take the time to LISTEN
before they move along?
Doing such adds glorious verses
to that constant song
that is sung by ALL belonging to Him--
Creator God Most High.
Make time to listen for yourself,
your life to multiply!

Too many of us see or think of 'prayer' or 'communication' with God as but a very brief period somewhere in the day...and 'monologue' at that!  What if God was with you constantly and 'prayer' was a constant communication and fellowship with Him?  BUT IT CAN BE!  He wants to be THAT involved with you and you with Him!  Thank about it.


Saturday, September 26, 2020

Seeing more than sight!

Each of us has opportunity to do such whenever we gaze out at God's great creation.  Make sure you take time often to do such, especially THIS season!

I look out on this afternoon
unto the massive trees;
they gently wave at Father God
with just the slightest breeze!
They house our feathered friends and more
within their massive arms;
and, if a storm approaches us,
the same become alarms.
And in the days that are, as autumn
starts to come of age,
the leaves reveal a gentle burn
that will become a rage!
But not just yet--they serve as backdrop
as I worship God.
I praise and glorify Him and,
His handiwork, applaud!
As we commune before the trees
and talk about the day,
He whispers, o so subtly
and they gently sway!

So generous be Creator God,
the Maker of all things,
to freely share with us His trees
of which the privy sings!
Less wealthy be the ones who pass
them by without a note;
for, of their awe and splendor,
o so very much is wrote!

So grand and glorious be the land as autumn begins to don her garments!  So blessed and highly favored them that are fortunate enough to behold such!


Friday, September 25, 2020

Glories so grand! is done once again.  As I recline before His creation, He instructs me to get my pen as He describes to me...

"So lofty be Your dwelling place,
ornate and o so grand!
Beyond imagination, more
than ANY understand!
But how, Lord, can a learned man,
(much less a lowly poet!)
of the grandeur of You or
Your habitation, come to know it?!
It comes alone as I spend time 
in Your Presence and Your Word,
and even as Your lovely voice is,
by my spirit, heard!

The secrets oh most valuable--
they are NOT out of reach!
They are availed unto the faithful--
Holy Spirit--He would teach!
O spend time in the Presence speaking,
listening, as well;
you will be all the richer, friend;
but time, but time will tell!

Getting to know God and the wonders that await.  It does take time, a most precious commodity, and it is availed in His Presence and in His Word.  Make sure you take time to partake of each daily!  

Thursday, September 24, 2020

That Daily BATTLE!

Like it or not, there is one going on.  If you are unaware of it, then you are either oblivious or you have found THE SECRET!!

There is a battle going on--
a battle for our TIME!
The more advanced--the busier!
More difficult to rhyme!
Especially the home front--
those deserving time the most!
This world would have each one of us
to each be so engrossed!!
BUT GOD, He means for 'balance' to be
in EVERY part of life.
He has the perfect way for us
to live above the strife!

So many are the issues that
would get us so involved,
but yielding our time to HIS lead
makes each day to be solved!
Regardless of your 'title' or
the business you are in,
ask Him to lead, give Him the reins
and progress will begin!

However, it takes effort on
our part to gain control.
Turn off the noise...attempt to focus...
HE will make you whole!
Leave work AT work and savor time
with family and friends,
help one another, lend a hand,
and watch as peace begins!

It's a busy world.  It's an uptight world.  It's a frantic world.  However, with God in control it can be a beautiful world!  You must DECIDE that you are going to relinquish that control to Him.  For a lot of folks I know, that's a difficult thing to do.  It IS a necessity, however!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Another beautiful day that God created.  One more day accomplishing the task assigned to me.  Success.  But what if it goes another way?  A way we had not planned?  Hmmm...

When situations go awry,
when things are not 'alright...'
when failure appears so evident
and I can't make things aright...
encouragement from friends and family
only do so much;
however, the voice of God Most High
contains the perfect touch!

I may not have succeeded in
the world's fickle sight,
but in the eyes of Father God
I still be a delight!
His affirmations to the heart
are far beyond a price!
And His embrace throughout the day
does certainly suffice!

Whenever I have done my best,
regardless of the sum,
God celebrates this man, inviting
me to freely come!
He realizes more than anyone
the effort I've put out;
serving Him--no matter what--
is what it's all about!

You put in a full day's work, you did your best and MAN is still not happy with you.  SO WHAT!  You set out to accomplish something, and LIFE got in the way!  THAT'S LIFE!  As long as YOU know you gave your all, that's what matters to God!  And even when you feel that you could have done better, He STILL loves you and accepts you!  And that's the greatest satisfaction there can be!


Monday, September 21, 2020

Coastal Dawn

Rising early, I make my coffee, take care of a few things and then step out onto the back deck.  The view from here is amazing, and the Company is like no other!!

The breakers roll and crash
against the rugged shore...
they evidence, so well, this day
that seasons change once more.
The usual be but swimming trunks
upon this daily stop,
but, on THIS day, the shirt and pants
most certainly won't drop!
The autumn wind has got a bite,
and heavy from the north;
the hardiest of surfers will,
this day, dare to go forth!
And NONE to walk along the shore
this early in the day;
perhaps they, too, can sense the season
as it comes our way.
The fishing boats, however, they are
busy early on;
the catch be now so plentiful
so they left port before dawn!
They'll get their limit early and
begin to head to port...
but I will sip my coffee and
enjoy The Lord's report!
For He and I, we often meet here
and at ANY hour!
I worship Him, converse with Him,
and receive His power!
For it is such that causes me
success throughout the day:
setting time aside for Him

Not everyone can have a view such as this.  I am so blessed!  Everyone can, however, enjoy the company of Jesus wherever they may be!  Call His Name and invite Him to start the day with you.  I promise you, the day will certainly go smoother!


Sunday, September 20, 2020

The Daily Reward

Aaaahhh....the rest of the day off.  Get in the car.  A 10 minute drive.  Home, away from everything and...there it is!

So vast and mighty be the mountains
from upon the plain!
Gazing at them after work
goes so far to sustain!
After the duties...after the drama...
away from all the 'news...'
time may have dragged, but now I enjoy
the awe of landscape views!

Yea, rush me not as I commune
with Him Who makes the sights!
He joins me on the patio
and savors my delights!
As I describe the vast expanse
ahead that goes for miles,
He says to me "I know, My son,"
and looks at me and smiles!

The meadows and the mountain range
upon a sunny day--
so very perfect an escape
from the frantic fray;
provided, though, but everyday
unto me without price,
and unto ALL--make sure that, such,
YOU do not sacrifice!

Too many people I know and talk with are trying to accumulate as much as they can as fast as they can...whatever the price!  In doing so, however, they have no time to enjoy such simple wonders!  Make sure that YOU are not one of them!


Saturday, September 19, 2020

That Question...AGAIN!

Yes, again we find ourselves regressing to a former place.  A painful place.  An ugly place.  Will YOU join the crowd, or will you make a difference?

"Who then is my brother?"
Is the question YET to lurk?!
One plague to make us equal each--
no status, station or work!
If I must even ponder such,
then I have missed the mark,
and all the light of God inside me
surely has lost its spark!

For RIGHT NOW is a time that we
should need each other most.
But some attempt to repel ANYONE
by word or deed or post!
Vessels developed for this age
to draw each other close
have turned to podiums of wrath
with terms and words so gross!!

How can I have a friend if I,
myself, refuse to be?!
The love of God CANNOT shine forth
if hatred spews from me!!
And not just word, but 'looks' and 'deeds,'
THEY speak so very much!
And, in the same, it's impossible
to evidence Jesus' touch!

How can I be a 'brother?'
But it is the greatest call!
I've got to let HIM shine through 'living,'
and 'live' in front of ALL!

We all have occupations, assignments or duties in this life.  Do we do them begrudgingly, or do we go about our day with His Light shining forth?  Of a truth, too many moments of darkness have made their way to the forefront, and too many outlets are glorifying them.  BUT THERE IS GOOD!!  And GOOD shall prevail, regardless what you've heard!

Friday, September 18, 2020

Friday Morning

Friday Morning.  What holds this day?  I KNOW several things that will be.  The rest, however, is completely up to God...

In places grand that each of us
have yet to understand,
'happenings' are being shaped
and guided by His hand.
While loved ones gone behold His working
with their very eyes,
we press on in faith, so boldly,
savoring the prize!
And as we go, so many have
no clue of understanding;
BUT GOD, He sees to our success,
and makes us do outstanding!
Even through the trials that seem
to come without an end,
He is offering hope and assurance,
and being a 'friend!'
And, in the days that are, a 'friend'
is something we ALL need!
One Who offers hope and peace
and hears each want and need.
For He listens...understands...provides
like not any other 'man;'
He KNOWS the steps, the things around us--
He drew the very plans!!

Friday morning.  The day ahead.  Times are certainly 'uncertain,' but Jesus is secure and He NEVER fails!  Trust Him!


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Biblical Events

Strange times these are, my friends.  In too many parts of this world, ecological events are happening in Biblical proportion.  Unfortunately, folks are overlooking the 'Biblical' part of it and attempting to solve it on their own.  We are seeing the results of that before our very eyes.  We MUST turn to God to help solve these problems.  THERE IS NO OTHER WAY!

There is an orange-kind of haze
that tints most all the land.
They say it is from massive blazes
and carried by jet-stream hand!
Catastrophic and destructive,
painful unto all--
so is the content of my prayer
as, unto God, I call.

"O Father, it's been too many days
since any rain has come.
Thus fires, injuries and loss
have been the very sum.
I am aware of how environs
purge themselves each year,
but times of late have been so strange
to oh so many here!
We ask that You would intervene
and send that soothing rain--
not massive storms...not raging floods...
but that with soothes the pain!
We KNOW that You are able, as
You are THE God Who cares,
and, oh so oft, You do these things
as we are unawares.
BUT GOD, right now it's in our face,
and only YOU can help!
For in the mass of Your great hand, Lord,
we be but a whelp!
Come, Deliverer, save and heal
as You so often do,
and we will see all credit and
all glory goes to YOU!"

Yes, this catastrophic event is greater than we can fathom or fix.  It will take our humility and His divine intervention.  Join me in this prayer, won't you?


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Priceless Values

Values like 'work ethic' and 'dependability.'  They may be 'endangered species,' and you may think me a 'relic,' but I KNOW that I was blessed to be taught such by two hard-working, loving parents!

"My parents are no longer,"
but such will NEVER be!
For their affects, their influence
and lives still many see!
I find myself but daily reflecting
on lessons that they taught;
for mom and dad instructed, whether
trying to or not.
God knew the parents I would need
to be the man I be.
Dad's work ethic and momma's tact
cause the success I see.
Seeing her treat 'customers'
with utmost respect
so shaped this man to see our guests
with positive aspect;
and seeing dad's consistency
in every task at hand
taught me that 'integrity'
is always in demand!

My folks may be no longer,
but ever they remain
inside my heart, inside my thought
and in my every gain!
And, in the children of my own,
I see them clearly so.
God Most High receives all praise
for such memories to know.

Yea, blessed is this man to have grown up in the same house as these two honest, hard-working people!  And even more blessed to behold such success in my own children where they are!  And even MORE blessed to have a wife who STILL gives her all!  Truth be told, I could not do what I do where I am if it were not for her. 
Oh, that such qualities would be present in every household.  But I know that such not always is, as I see folks 'come and go' too often in that wonderful place that employs me.


Monday, September 14, 2020

Those SEVEN Words!

Traditions...foundations...'rituals?'  Surely, traditions are to be revered, but what if GOD wants change?  Can YOU handle that?

O make us not so 'stoic' that
the Lord cannot move free.
Please make us not so 'ritualistic'
that 'liberty' cannot be!
For God is newer every day
His mercies are, as well,
but if we refuse to move His way
are destined we to Hell?

"We've never done it that way..." but
HE is anew each day!
the enigma of His way!!
He is the same...He is anew...
He's more than man can know!
And His ways--they are the very best--
His blessings to bestow!

Release yourself unto His moving,
ALONG with what you've learned!
Be not so caught up that His moving
cannot be discerned.
And flow with that great moving, knowing
that HIS WAYS are best!
Your heart, your work, your very church
will abundantly be blessed!

A Pastor much wiser than myself taught a sermon in my past called "Seven words that will kill a church."  And those words are "...we've never done it that way before!"  Yes, we are to be firm in our belief, but we MUST allow Holy Spirit to move freely amongst us if we are to advance!


Sunday, September 13, 2020


So glorious the day that He has made.  And He is so generous that He shares it with us!  Every day!!  Some of those days, though, just don't so glorious and wonderful.
Have you been there?

The challenges of living--
some would choose to run!
I face the same, however, saying
"Lord, Thy will be done!"
Not every day be paradise...
until the Trumpet Blast;
'til That Day, however, through
the gamut, we be passed!
Not everything of every day
is known to everyone.
We ALL go through things that make us
wish that it was done!
Too many miss out on life, however,
by wishing they had another.
I promise you, however, you're
no different than your brother.
BUT GOD, He sees the challenges
that His Own children face,
and grants to each of them the perfect
portion of His grace!

The challenges of living.  Trust me,
you are NOT alone.
Every facet of your state
is very fully known.
Trust Him. TRUST HIM!  Keep the faith!
Depend upon Him NOW!
Those challenges--every one of us
shall overcome somehow!

Somehow?  By the grace of God Most High shall we overcome them.  Regardless who you are...where you old or young you are...His grace is availed to meet those challenges!  Trust Him today, won't you?  JESUS NEVER FAILS!


Saturday, September 12, 2020

What Holds THIS Day?

A last-minute trip out of town to a place you've never been before.  There to try and accomplish something that you've never had to go through before.  Scary?  Of course!  But you are NEVER alone...anywhere...

Environs unfamiliar...
circumstances dire...
somewhere, not knowing anyone,
one's trust must be in Higher!
That Higher One is Jesus--and
He is but everywhere!
Thus, ANY unfamiliar place,
I fear not being there.

I'm here to do specific things
and much there is to be;
however, some 'divine appointments,'
find their way to me!
I'm getting done that which is to be,
while 'serving' at the same--
in the end, all glory goes
to Jesus' precious Name!

Where YOU are at, so foreign,
avail yourself at will.
God will see to your success,
and so provide a thrill!
Your steps--for they are ordered,
(though, unto you, unknown.)
There WILL BE glory for His Name
because you are His Own!

Whatever the circumstances be, we are to be ready at all times, and a closer walk with Jesus makes that possible!  I am ever so grateful for His accompaniment!


Friday, September 11, 2020


There are certain 'days' in life that we have come to commemorate...for better or for worse.  Today is one of them, and it is NOT for celebrating!  It IS, however, to be forever marked in our hearts for several reasons...

So tragic are the memories
of such a 'hollow' deed!
The epitome of cowardice
to cause a country bleed.
A shame be it to call this day
an 'anniversary,'
but HEROES--those who died...who helped...
and yet have pains that be.
Pain or loss of each life stolen
from them on that day...
pain for those who gave their all
in service every way...
pain for how it changed the way
we look at one another--
to realize the 'enemy'
could be our very brother!

So encouraging, refreshing,
the way that each heart wakes
when events of daily life,
so abruptly, takes.
'Friends' come out of nowhere, giving
everything they've got...
assistance comes from places that
one never would have thought...
and folks be drawn together, working
for a greater cause...
God Himself to be revealed
out of most painful draws!

Anniversary?  No.  Anniversary is something that is celebrated.  Commemoration?  Yes.  And let us be careful to do it in such a way that honors all of those involved, continuing to pray for the losses.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Don't be too 'busied!'

So much going on in so many places.  How is one to keep up with it all?  WE ARE NOT MEANT TO!!  That's for God to do...and only He can!  We are to do what we can, while we can for Him Who has a crown waiting for us.

For Him Who gives His all for us, press on...
for Him Who makes a way for us, press on...
though turbulent the days ahead, press on
knowing there is great reward,
and time to bask in HIM be never gone!

"Gird up your loins for days ahead,"
The Word instructs us all!
For trial and tribulation wait
yet even for the Called.
But God will not abandon us,
no matter what we face;
and victory is guaranteed
through His amazing grace!

"As children, so obedient,"
He calls for us to be;
not conformed to ignorance
that be constantly,
but TRANSFORMED by Him ever by
renewing mind and heart;
such the ONLY way to conquer
what the world will start!

For there is eternity,
and Paradise to be
IF holy we remain--
His victory our gain!

Yes, so busy is this world with things that attempt to sway us and get us involved.  Things that literally 'suck you in!'  Don't let them!  Stand firm in that which you KNOW to be True and will stand for eternity!


Saturday, September 5, 2020

'Time' Is Never Free!

Again, I am reminded that there are so many things that arise to merely steal our time, distract us or otherwise thwart HIS plans.  DON'T LET THEM!

So many are the issues
requiring our time.
A lot of them, they have no reason,
neither any rhyme!
Some of them should have been settled
centuries ago!
Nonetheless, the same persist--
our time to overthrow!

So many are the issues--
yet 'mere distractions' most.
And, constantly, the same arise
and get us so engrossed!
They embezzle us of that most precious,
which we can least afford:
they embezzle us of time itself,
The television...the internet...
even the evening news...
they are abounding with 'opinion'
and conflicting views!
All meant to steal that precious 'time'
He's given us each day;
will YOU avoid the trickery
or jump into the fray?

There be NO issue greater than
the time we spend with God.
Yet this world does its best to get us
to accept the fraud!
Play not into its evil plan!
Refuse to take the bait!
You will be all the stronger when
you're standing at His Gate!

Yes, I know we should stay informed, but let not the issues of the day embezzle you of the everlasting joy that Jesus paid for fully!  It is so easy to do with all of the outlets availed to us.  Just remember HIS balance!

Friday, September 4, 2020

Surveying the Sight

Once again, one of 'those days!'  The line coming to my window had very few empty spaces in almost five hours.  But I so enjoyed it!
Right now, however, is a very special time to rest, relax and refresh.  As I do, I look out across the land and wonder

How many are the species
out here across the lands?
Just to count the different birds
requires many hands!
The deer, so quietly grazing as
I stay out of their sight--
enough to thrill the viewing heart
and fill with great delight!
The fawns--so very innocent
and bearing many spots,
cavort and play and jump about
out on the grassy lots!
One buck to graze beside; I think
there are 10 points on his rack.
Cameras be the only things
that shoot from THIS man's shack!

All as afternoon expires,
evening to set in...
shadows become longer as autumn
vestiges begin;
and God, Himself, sits with me as
the hummingbirds come dine.
Autumn evening in the Ozarks--
moments so divine!

Perhaps the deer are aware that I leave my guns inside?  For they only raise their heads and look as I turn pages.  We are so blessed!  God is so good and His creation ALWAYS amazes!!

Thursday, September 3, 2020

'But what if I'm seen?!'

I recognized the truck on the side of the road by the POLITICAL sign on its tailgate.  He knows how I feel.  I know how he feels.  And when he recognizes it's me that has stopped to help, he asks why I stopped.
"Well, it looks like you need help."
"Yea, but you don't..."
"Don't even go there, Ron.  You need help, I stopped and I'm here to help you." 
He can't find the words.

There are situations that outweigh
the 'politics' we love.
My brother needs a hand right now,
and THAT is far above!
Too often, opportunity
for ministry is missed
due man's 'tradition' that abounds,
or 'discrimination' that exists.
But due GOD'S law inside my heart
I pulled the car aside
and so fulfilled a higher Law
that Jesus prophesied!

How much better of a place
would this whole world be
if each would follow THE SPIRIT'S lead,
not 'politics' or 'decree?'
There is a greater need in life
than 'getting my point across,'
and we must learn it quickly, before
devastating loss!

Yes, folks, believe it or not, there are more important things in this life than 'political views.'  Look into your own heart.  How many blessings have you missed because you were too concerned about 'what would be seen' than you were about meeting the need at hand?

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

There Where Jesus Is!

Where Jesus walks and talks with me,
and living is far better,
there's no sickness, plague or handicap,
as He breaks every fetter!
There is a very gentle breeze
accompanying peace,
and We talk freely of His goodness-
as there's NOTHING to release!
For gone is every limitation
we've known in THIS life!
Gone is every hindrance, such as
anger, grief and strife!
And present be such wonderments
that we can't yet even know,
as, right now, we just cannot grasp
the perfection He will show!

Where Jesus walks and talks with me
as we all live in spirit--
I yearn for and so long to be,
I can even feel and hear it!!
But He whispers "Not just yet, my child,
there's still work to be done.
For you are finished, you are complete;
just don't forget YOU'VE WON!!"

Ah, yes, soon and very soon!  Keep pressing on, my friend.  Do not give up.  Do not give in.  For the battle has been fought and won...we only wait for the trumpet blast!