Saturday, August 1, 2020

The Mood of the Day

Each and every one of us has things to do...places to go...people to see.  We can decide before we even step out of the house what our attitudes will be when we get there.

Shall I repay with what I'm paid?
What purpose would that be?
This world has majored in the same,
BUT GOD says differently!
For vengeance--it belongs to Him,
and unto Him alone!
If I respond with grace and kindness,
minds--they will be blown!

Already are too many means 
that manufacture 'rage:'
the media...the internet...
even the printed page!
ALL have an opinion and
they hasten for to share,
even if it damages
somebody anywhere!
But if I respond with 'kindness'
and attempt to understand
it messes with the mind and brings
reactions so unplanned!
Such would Jesus do as He 
would walk amongst us now.
O be kind to one another and
'attempt' to 'see' somehow!

Certainly, there are things going on in each of our lives that we may not deserve.  However, our response to such has not only an effect on the situation, but on our health, as well.

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