Sunday, August 23, 2020

THE God of 'Balance'

The summer heat...the rush of business...the ups-and-downs of all that goes on in 'the every day.'  Sometimes, it can get to you.  God, however, understands this fully, and He compensates for it...

The sky--so rich in color,
so beautiful and vast!
So flawless the reflection be
upon the waters cast!
And wealthy be the ones enjoying
Norfork on this day!
With God Creator watching over,
o what the poet say!!

A necessary pause from every 
labor, every stress!
Those 'critical' activities
some refer to as a 'mess;'
But, truly, known as 'daily living
in a busy place--
without such, we'd be nothing, yea,
and that would be disgrace!

Father God, so generous,
providing everything:
that which causes us to strain
or causes us to sing!
He is the God of 'balance' and
today the scale leaned
toward ecstatic joy and peace.
Make sure your own be gleaned!!

Yes, the God of 'balance.'  No matter how daunting or challenging life may get, God sees to it that there are equal times, if not MORE, of overwhelming joy and peace that surpasses understanding!  He IS a good, good Father!


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