Friday, August 14, 2020

The Forecast

What is the forecast?  It depends on who you ask and where they are in life...

Clouds may fill the sky above,
but they bring needed rain;
storms be necessary, yes,
and some may bring on pain;
but Him Who rides upon the storm,
He knows of each affect,
and no matter the severity,
His love--it will protect!
We may not see immediate
the benefits of such,
but certain is His care for us
and constant be His touch!
Lightning strikes...thunder rolls...
He is not moved at all.
He is the Maker of the same
and settled be His call!

Regardless of the storm,
the issues that would form,
we yet securely stand
as He holds us in His hand!
Yes, though clouds may fill the sky,
the heart is bright and dry
as therein dwells the Son,
the One and only One!

The forecast of the day isn't necessarily ALWAYS pertaining to 'weather.'  For there are many folks going through storms of many kind.  BUT GOD is ever-present, and His protection fails not ever!


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