Saturday, August 29, 2020

The Daily 'Everyday'

So fortunate be them that enjoy such.  No matter how 'mundane' it may look to others, there are some of us that are so fortunate to experience and go on in 'the norm...'

When we cannot give everything
due physical estate,
the Lord steps in and does the rest,
and things turn out just great!
He knows the motives of the heart,
He knows each limitation,
yet He honors every effort--
so inducing celebration!

And when THIS man, he must retire 
from the daily task,
they thank me for attempting to do
even what they ask!
I'm blest to be surrounded by
those who appreciate,
and blest to live with people whose
love does not have a 'rate!'

Gratitude and favor flow
without end from the heart
to GOD, and everyone in whose life
I have got a part!
I appreciate you each
more than you'll ever know!
Know that, in this temporary place,
you make a difference so!

So blessed and fortunate be this man to have an employer that is understanding, generous and kind!  I know too many folk who do not use those words when they speak of their employment!  Even more blessed be this man to have a wife and children who love me in spite of my limitations!  YES, I AM BLESSED!


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