Sunday, August 16, 2020

Sunday Afternoon

The chores of the week are done.  The stresses and trials have been overcome.  Even time in God's house has been enjoyed.  Now, we sit back and look out over the canyon...

As breezes of the afternoon amass,
it brings a cooling to the mountain pass;
so welcome as we settle for the day
to see the wonders He has on display.
There is a single cloud that plays on high,
but it shadows little the awe before mine eye:
the hills...the canyon...the river, ever-flowing...
aaah...the blessing of God-knowing!

For He settles with us to enjoy the view
and says He enjoys OUR company, too!
For He made us each to, with Him, fellowship,
and assures us we are never out of His grip!
Even as we savor His grand creation...
even when we 'feel' we're 'out of relation...'
loving Father God is right beside--
His presence, it can never be denied!

Taking in the very gentle breezes--
the stresses of this life it surely eases!
And enjoying them with God, the Great Creator--
oh tell me, brother, what else could be greater?!

Sunday.  Blessed Sunday.  The only time to be refreshed as such?  Of course not!  But this one seems quite different, easier, more relaxing...after the week that we have had, it is certainly most refreshing!

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