Friday, August 28, 2020

Reason and sense

Is the same becoming 'extinct?'  The more we watch the news anymore, such would be deducted...

Where has gone 'the voice of reason'
in this current land?
Has 'common sense' become extinct?
Is anarchy at hand?
Has 'getting my way' gone so far
it's damaging my brother?
If this is "The American Way'
then there must be another!

The Law of Love defies class, race
and 'nationality.'
It is the very opposite
of the lifestyle "Me! Me! Me!'
The Law of Love commands we serve,
submitting to each other;
said law is set by God Most High--
and there is not another!
For such flies in the face of what
some cling to with such pride!
And for the liberty in said law
His Son was crucified!
Not to 'lord' ourselves above
a person, color or race,
but to see them as ourselves
and genuinely embrace!

The many issues now at hand,
so prevalent throughout the land
would disappear if HIS law would reign,
and we love one another, without feign!

How many people would still be alive if we lived this way?  How many 'borders' would exist if the same would be true?  How much wealthier would we be?
Just pointless questions?  Irrelevant ponderings?  We shall see.

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