Saturday, August 22, 2020

Praise Him Regardless!!

 Life happens.  The way it happens, however, has many crying out how unfair it is.  "There is nothing new under the sun..." wrote the wisest.  Though some would argue otherwise, the truth remains...

The Lord is just, the Lord is fair;

there's no one like Him anywhere!
He blesses them that call Him 'Lord,'
but grace to all does He afford!
To them that don't yet call Him such,
and them that flat refuse his touch,
though their lives may be vile and bent,
He yet allow them time to repent!

O praise the Lord!  He is the Best!
Though suffrage comes, He knows what's best
and through the same He gives a song
to strengthen and help all along!
His mercies--for they never end,
and He would constantly extend
those mercies to those not His own
that His salvation may be known!

Yes, praise the Lord!  He binds the hurts!
He guards when any danger skirts!
He's great in might, He's great in power,
and He extends the final hour
that many more would know salvation
before that time of desolation!
Oh, know His mercy, know His love,
that you may know Him forever above!!

Yes, praise the Lord!  In spite of your current spite of the current political spite of the happenings around the world, He is still Lord and He is still in control.  The world would sway you believe otherwise, BUT HE HAS OVERCOME THE WORLD, and so shall we soon and very soon!!!


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