Monday, August 31, 2020


How wonderful it is when plans come together and go 'as planned!'  What happens, however, when they do not?  THAT answer is completely up to YOU.  Do you trust Him then?

We have our schedules and routines,
we know the week ahead;
we each know where to be and when,
as we are Spirit-led.
How we react, however, when
those 'set plans' go amiss
says volumes of our walk with God--
can YOU, friend, live with this?

This year has been most challenging
regardless of your 'faith!'
Some are shaken, yet press on
clinging to the words "Thus saith..."
others panic and give up...
some implode or explode...
BUT GOD, He yet retains control
regardless of the load!

That which has been...that which is now...
that which is yet to come--
it is completely known to Him,
and He also knows the sum!
So whatever you have 'planned' on,
know that such is NEVER 'set;'
press on, indeed, but trust HIS lead
and, the victory, you will get!

Make plans.  Set goals.  Know what your next move will be.  But do not be so rigid in such that you be devastated if those plans change.  For it may be God, Himself, making those changes!

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