Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Years ago, the people asked Jesus "...but who is my 'neighbor?"  I surely pray that YOUR answer is "Here am I, send me!"

How far to go to be a 'neighbor?'
But what defines the same?
If one avoids 'the extra mile,'
can one, 'a neighbor,' claim?
What if it takes a little time,
or it requires cash?
If I am to be a 'neighbor,'
should such even clash?

The purest of relationships
don't even ponder such!
They give without regard, and they
provide a constant touch.
Much deeper than 'just when I need you...'
or 'can I have such-and-such;'
a neighbor knows you'll be there, even
if they forget your touch.

So be a neighbor, and forget
to even count the cost!
For great is your reward from Him
Who covers every cost!

Someone down the street needed a 'neighbor' the other night.  Due to God's incredible timing, our 'medical' daughter was home and knew exactly what to do and when to call the paramedics!  They will certainly need 'neighborly' care again, and we WILL be there for them.  I surely hope you have neighbors that will do the same!

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