Monday, August 17, 2020

Is there a limit?

How far does 'friendship' go?
Those in pain, they know!
Those who panic understand;
and 'life' happens--so 'unplanned!'

"Honey, I'll be late this afternoon.
I'm helping the police and Deborah find June!
She's 'somewhere' but her car is still at home!
The sheriffs and police are out to comb."

It was an hour later than usual when she picked me up.  Security found June at the hospital in her husband's room at his bedside.  She could not remember how she got to the hospital when we all asked her!  The power of love.  The power of friendship.
We know she couldn't walk that far.  She has no cell phone.  It is a week later as I write this, and she STILL cannot tell us how she got to the hospital.  We can't think of anyone that she called.  Nobody at her church said they gave her a ride, and I know EVERYONE at the local taxi service, and they have no record of her.
But everyone is safe today.  Their children made it to town just in time to spend about a day with their dad before he left for Heaven.  I KNOW that's where he is because of the life he lived!  And a very full life!
It was quite a scare, but God showed us once again that when such as this happens, He strategically puts people where they need to be and when.  Blessed be them that avail themselves when such necessities arise!


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