Wednesday, August 26, 2020

His Welcome Visit

Summer afternoon out in the yard.  A very welcome breeze visits as God and I have fellowship together...

Tender branches dancing in the breeze;
responding to God's whispers with such ease!
Finally, a respite from the heat
out underneath the trees the day's complete!

The tasks that were already have been done.
Most of them, quite honestly, were fun!
Most call them 'work,' or 'duties' in their plan,
but 'opportunities' so deems this man!
But they are done for now, and time for rest
is savored out here where God performs His best!

I see, off to the south, filling the sky,
the coming rain--so pleasing to the eye!
There are several hours yet before it's here,
so there's no rush at all while God's so near!
He visits me each day, somehow, somewhere, 
to reassure me of His constant care!
His Presence pends not on the way feel,
(as, some days, the physical is not ideal!)
And He knows that, as right now, here in the yard,
the days of late have been taxing and quite hard.
He knows exactly what to say and Who to be
to uplift, restore and strengthen physically!

For 'perfection' may not happen every day,
but in our visits He knows just what to do and say.
Each and every circumstance He understands,
and exactly what one needs is in His hands!
I so treasure our each time of fellowship,
as I KNOW He ever has me in His grip!
For there be no greater assurance in this place
than relationship with God--The King of Grace!

Do YOU have that assurance?  You can.  It is availed to any and all who call out His Name and invite Him into the heart!  Don't let ANYTHING in this life prevent YOU from such!


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