Thursday, August 6, 2020

His Better Way

"Another day in paradise?"  That's what this world would have you believe as you toil about and try to do as much as you can!  God has a better way...

When the pain becomes too great, He understands;
though the world continues giving you commands,
His invitation remains "Come, enter in..."
for there is solace and healing to be found therein!

When the pace becomes too great, He understands.
For EVERYTHING must bow to His commands!
He says "Slow, down.  Come to my side and rest."
For there am I restored and I am blessed!

And when everyone about has got demands,
I reach up and place each one inside His hands.
He takes care of that of which is most import,
and provides oasis unto which I resort!

Yes, this world will eat you up if you allow!
BUT GOD makes unto us a solemn vow:
"Cast all your cares upon Me and take time..."
Such simple steps to cause all of life to rhyme!

This world is showing no signs of slowing down.  In fact, it would have you believe that the faster you go, the more you will get done.  That MAY be true, but the more you obey that, the more worn out you will become!  Live at GOD'S pace, and you will be surprised how He will prosper you!

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Juanita Coy said...

Thank you dear Brother for sharing your writings of encouragement and hope. I pray that my life will shine for Him. I would like to use this one for The Seventh Trumpet. You and your family are special to me!
Juanita Coy