Sunday, August 30, 2020

Fishers of men In the days that are, it is all too easy for the 'committed' to get caught up in things that distract.  Even GOOD things.  But when all is said and done, it is REALLY all about JESUS!

"Jesus--it is all about You--
each Book points the way!
Wherever is the Page alive
it points to You for aye!
Whatever is my prayer, it should be
focused upon You;
all to lead this man care more
that men become anew!

Jesus--it is all about You,
and You are about the soul!
You are not about the building, Lord,
You are about making whole!
And making whole the ones that are
not quite yet knowing 'grace.'
Jesus--I will surely find You
in the most unlikely place:
the hooker on the corner...
the drinker at the bar...
the thief there in the shadows...
that person in that car...
that employee right beside me...
that neighbor across the street...
each of them have a need the same:
Your salvation they must meet!

Jesus--You are in me, and I,
I MUST get out and share!
It's not the 'program,' 'denomination,'
it IS the fact You care!
And I have to prove that everyday
with practicality,
lest there be too many missing out
on 'grace' and eternity!"

Sure, there are plenty of good deeds, good books, good ___________ that be daily necessities for us, but there is one thing that is tantamount to all of it: the one-on-one sharing of the salvation of Jesus Christ with those in our world.  And we MUST make time to do that!

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