Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Familiar and Not!

God is so good, so amazing, so wondrous and dependable.  However, He is also 'unexpected.'  Have YOU discovered that particular joy about His Person yet?

"There's nothing new under the sun..."
The wisest, long ago, to claim;
yet we find that, each new day,
not one of them to be the same!
Such enigma to confound us
all throughout His Holy Word!
He is the same then, now and forever,
yet His mercies are new each day occurred?

So we must live by faith, believing,
KNOWING He has all control--
God alone, the One Creator...
God--the Bishop of the soul!
One can depend on Him completely,
but He can't be put into a box!
For some, they must have concrete answers,
any less to cause them shocks!!

BUT GOD, He is dependable,
and His ways surpass our human ways!
Yet He relates to us completely,
therefore we give Him endless praise!
Such is the beauty of The Father:
every day He is so new!
NEVER weary of belonging
unto the One Who most loves You!

Just when you think You have God figured out, He says or does something to completely blow you away and cause you to want more and more of Him.  Such is the beauty and wonder of Him!  HE IS SO GOOD!

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