Monday, August 24, 2020

Everyday Dealings

Relationships--they matter.  Regardless who, what or where, what we do and the way we treat others have an affect on life!

Relationships we have in life,
but each of them so matter!
From industry to politics,
so harmful can be 'chatter;'
from 'occupation' to The Church,
and in the home especially,
the verbiage from the heart defines
what character we be.

Relationships--what do they mean
unto our daily lives?
Some 'use' them in so many ways,
it's what THE HEART contrives!
There are people of integrity
who have the best in mind;
the opposite would 'use' the same
to gain all they can find!

Relationships--they are necessary
for us to survive.
Treat those YOU know in such a way
that, in Heaven, you'll arrive!
Too many in this day and age
think only 'ME! ME! ME!'
But Jesus says the opposite
so, His face, we will see!

Relationships.  So vital, so necessary to maintain in business, in society, in The Church, in ALL of life!  Guard your heart, your tongue, and so guard your character that those relationships prosper the way that Christ designed.

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