Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Being 'One'

The Word says
'Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they two shall become one flesh...'

How much time does it take for two
to REALY become 'one?
Can minutes...days...weeks...years
declare the same be 'done?'
They say that 'give-and-take' must be
the same for such to be,
but, after almost 40 years,
she is far, far more than me!

For God has seen that she's increased
as, slowly, I've declined.
As my wits about me dissipate
He has made hers more refined.
As she stays more 'behind-the-scenes'
this man's been glorified;
truth be told, I'd not be much
without her at my side!
For somehow God has gifted her
to see we firmly stand.
Not much would function in this house
without her skillful hand!
Her budgeting...her driving...
her memory...her tact...
her handiwork and faith in God
have kept this house intact!
Sure, I write and work a bit,
and I'm in the public eye,
but without my wife behind me, lost
and destitute would be I!!

For God knew exactly how to make
the gift that I call 'wife.'
So blessed and proud and wealthy I
that she is in my life!!

I know too many men that, in too many ways, take their wives for granted.  I see it every day and, unfortunately, this man has done the same...too often!  BUT GOD has blessed my wife with the ability to forgive me and continue to be the gift that He created just for me.  I AM SO BLESSED!


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