Thursday, August 20, 2020

Afternoon oddity!

Summer approaching it's end.  This day, however,  feels not like summer at all around here!  It's wonderful!!  The writer to savor it in the yard with pen in hand:

How still to be the afternoon
with August soon to retire;
soon the sky to be ablaze
with the evening fire!
But shadows now to occupy
the acres filled with peace,
as the trees have yet, their glorious
garments, to release.

The stillness of the afternoon--
appreciated so,
as all other days of week
have had us on the go!
BUT GOD has set aside THIS time
away from all events
to share His sweet, creative touch
with so much evidence!

The glory of the trees...
the cool and gentle breeze...
the lazy, billowed clouds...
the peace that, here, enshrouds...
His Majesty residing...
the song of birds exciting!
Impossible to grasp: 
the scope of His hand's clasp!!

Wherever YOU find yourself, I pray that You will also find countless evidences of God and His incredible touch all about you.  He makes EVERY day worthwhile!


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