Monday, August 31, 2020


How wonderful it is when plans come together and go 'as planned!'  What happens, however, when they do not?  THAT answer is completely up to YOU.  Do you trust Him then?

We have our schedules and routines,
we know the week ahead;
we each know where to be and when,
as we are Spirit-led.
How we react, however, when
those 'set plans' go amiss
says volumes of our walk with God--
can YOU, friend, live with this?

This year has been most challenging
regardless of your 'faith!'
Some are shaken, yet press on
clinging to the words "Thus saith..."
others panic and give up...
some implode or explode...
BUT GOD, He yet retains control
regardless of the load!

That which has been...that which is now...
that which is yet to come--
it is completely known to Him,
and He also knows the sum!
So whatever you have 'planned' on,
know that such is NEVER 'set;'
press on, indeed, but trust HIS lead
and, the victory, you will get!

Make plans.  Set goals.  Know what your next move will be.  But do not be so rigid in such that you be devastated if those plans change.  For it may be God, Himself, making those changes!

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Fishers of men In the days that are, it is all too easy for the 'committed' to get caught up in things that distract.  Even GOOD things.  But when all is said and done, it is REALLY all about JESUS!

"Jesus--it is all about You--
each Book points the way!
Wherever is the Page alive
it points to You for aye!
Whatever is my prayer, it should be
focused upon You;
all to lead this man care more
that men become anew!

Jesus--it is all about You,
and You are about the soul!
You are not about the building, Lord,
You are about making whole!
And making whole the ones that are
not quite yet knowing 'grace.'
Jesus--I will surely find You
in the most unlikely place:
the hooker on the corner...
the drinker at the bar...
the thief there in the shadows...
that person in that car...
that employee right beside me...
that neighbor across the street...
each of them have a need the same:
Your salvation they must meet!

Jesus--You are in me, and I,
I MUST get out and share!
It's not the 'program,' 'denomination,'
it IS the fact You care!
And I have to prove that everyday
with practicality,
lest there be too many missing out
on 'grace' and eternity!"

Sure, there are plenty of good deeds, good books, good ___________ that be daily necessities for us, but there is one thing that is tantamount to all of it: the one-on-one sharing of the salvation of Jesus Christ with those in our world.  And we MUST make time to do that!

Saturday, August 29, 2020

The Daily 'Everyday'

So fortunate be them that enjoy such.  No matter how 'mundane' it may look to others, there are some of us that are so fortunate to experience and go on in 'the norm...'

When we cannot give everything
due physical estate,
the Lord steps in and does the rest,
and things turn out just great!
He knows the motives of the heart,
He knows each limitation,
yet He honors every effort--
so inducing celebration!

And when THIS man, he must retire 
from the daily task,
they thank me for attempting to do
even what they ask!
I'm blest to be surrounded by
those who appreciate,
and blest to live with people whose
love does not have a 'rate!'

Gratitude and favor flow
without end from the heart
to GOD, and everyone in whose life
I have got a part!
I appreciate you each
more than you'll ever know!
Know that, in this temporary place,
you make a difference so!

So blessed and fortunate be this man to have an employer that is understanding, generous and kind!  I know too many folk who do not use those words when they speak of their employment!  Even more blessed be this man to have a wife and children who love me in spite of my limitations!  YES, I AM BLESSED!


Friday, August 28, 2020

Reason and sense

Is the same becoming 'extinct?'  The more we watch the news anymore, such would be deducted...

Where has gone 'the voice of reason'
in this current land?
Has 'common sense' become extinct?
Is anarchy at hand?
Has 'getting my way' gone so far
it's damaging my brother?
If this is "The American Way'
then there must be another!

The Law of Love defies class, race
and 'nationality.'
It is the very opposite
of the lifestyle "Me! Me! Me!'
The Law of Love commands we serve,
submitting to each other;
said law is set by God Most High--
and there is not another!
For such flies in the face of what
some cling to with such pride!
And for the liberty in said law
His Son was crucified!
Not to 'lord' ourselves above
a person, color or race,
but to see them as ourselves
and genuinely embrace!

The many issues now at hand,
so prevalent throughout the land
would disappear if HIS law would reign,
and we love one another, without feign!

How many people would still be alive if we lived this way?  How many 'borders' would exist if the same would be true?  How much wealthier would we be?
Just pointless questions?  Irrelevant ponderings?  We shall see.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

His Welcome Visit

Summer afternoon out in the yard.  A very welcome breeze visits as God and I have fellowship together...

Tender branches dancing in the breeze;
responding to God's whispers with such ease!
Finally, a respite from the heat
out underneath the trees the day's complete!

The tasks that were already have been done.
Most of them, quite honestly, were fun!
Most call them 'work,' or 'duties' in their plan,
but 'opportunities' so deems this man!
But they are done for now, and time for rest
is savored out here where God performs His best!

I see, off to the south, filling the sky,
the coming rain--so pleasing to the eye!
There are several hours yet before it's here,
so there's no rush at all while God's so near!
He visits me each day, somehow, somewhere, 
to reassure me of His constant care!
His Presence pends not on the way feel,
(as, some days, the physical is not ideal!)
And He knows that, as right now, here in the yard,
the days of late have been taxing and quite hard.
He knows exactly what to say and Who to be
to uplift, restore and strengthen physically!

For 'perfection' may not happen every day,
but in our visits He knows just what to do and say.
Each and every circumstance He understands,
and exactly what one needs is in His hands!
I so treasure our each time of fellowship,
as I KNOW He ever has me in His grip!
For there be no greater assurance in this place
than relationship with God--The King of Grace!

Do YOU have that assurance?  You can.  It is availed to any and all who call out His Name and invite Him into the heart!  Don't let ANYTHING in this life prevent YOU from such!


Monday, August 24, 2020

Everyday Dealings

Relationships--they matter.  Regardless who, what or where, what we do and the way we treat others have an affect on life!

Relationships we have in life,
but each of them so matter!
From industry to politics,
so harmful can be 'chatter;'
from 'occupation' to The Church,
and in the home especially,
the verbiage from the heart defines
what character we be.

Relationships--what do they mean
unto our daily lives?
Some 'use' them in so many ways,
it's what THE HEART contrives!
There are people of integrity
who have the best in mind;
the opposite would 'use' the same
to gain all they can find!

Relationships--they are necessary
for us to survive.
Treat those YOU know in such a way
that, in Heaven, you'll arrive!
Too many in this day and age
think only 'ME! ME! ME!'
But Jesus says the opposite
so, His face, we will see!

Relationships.  So vital, so necessary to maintain in business, in society, in The Church, in ALL of life!  Guard your heart, your tongue, and so guard your character that those relationships prosper the way that Christ designed.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

THE God of 'Balance'

The summer heat...the rush of business...the ups-and-downs of all that goes on in 'the every day.'  Sometimes, it can get to you.  God, however, understands this fully, and He compensates for it...

The sky--so rich in color,
so beautiful and vast!
So flawless the reflection be
upon the waters cast!
And wealthy be the ones enjoying
Norfork on this day!
With God Creator watching over,
o what the poet say!!

A necessary pause from every 
labor, every stress!
Those 'critical' activities
some refer to as a 'mess;'
But, truly, known as 'daily living
in a busy place--
without such, we'd be nothing, yea,
and that would be disgrace!

Father God, so generous,
providing everything:
that which causes us to strain
or causes us to sing!
He is the God of 'balance' and
today the scale leaned
toward ecstatic joy and peace.
Make sure your own be gleaned!!

Yes, the God of 'balance.'  No matter how daunting or challenging life may get, God sees to it that there are equal times, if not MORE, of overwhelming joy and peace that surpasses understanding!  He IS a good, good Father!


Saturday, August 22, 2020

Praise Him Regardless!!

 Life happens.  The way it happens, however, has many crying out how unfair it is.  "There is nothing new under the sun..." wrote the wisest.  Though some would argue otherwise, the truth remains...

The Lord is just, the Lord is fair;

there's no one like Him anywhere!
He blesses them that call Him 'Lord,'
but grace to all does He afford!
To them that don't yet call Him such,
and them that flat refuse his touch,
though their lives may be vile and bent,
He yet allow them time to repent!

O praise the Lord!  He is the Best!
Though suffrage comes, He knows what's best
and through the same He gives a song
to strengthen and help all along!
His mercies--for they never end,
and He would constantly extend
those mercies to those not His own
that His salvation may be known!

Yes, praise the Lord!  He binds the hurts!
He guards when any danger skirts!
He's great in might, He's great in power,
and He extends the final hour
that many more would know salvation
before that time of desolation!
Oh, know His mercy, know His love,
that you may know Him forever above!!

Yes, praise the Lord!  In spite of your current spite of the current political spite of the happenings around the world, He is still Lord and He is still in control.  The world would sway you believe otherwise, BUT HE HAS OVERCOME THE WORLD, and so shall we soon and very soon!!!


Thursday, August 20, 2020

Afternoon oddity!

Summer approaching it's end.  This day, however,  feels not like summer at all around here!  It's wonderful!!  The writer to savor it in the yard with pen in hand:

How still to be the afternoon
with August soon to retire;
soon the sky to be ablaze
with the evening fire!
But shadows now to occupy
the acres filled with peace,
as the trees have yet, their glorious
garments, to release.

The stillness of the afternoon--
appreciated so,
as all other days of week
have had us on the go!
BUT GOD has set aside THIS time
away from all events
to share His sweet, creative touch
with so much evidence!

The glory of the trees...
the cool and gentle breeze...
the lazy, billowed clouds...
the peace that, here, enshrouds...
His Majesty residing...
the song of birds exciting!
Impossible to grasp: 
the scope of His hand's clasp!!

Wherever YOU find yourself, I pray that You will also find countless evidences of God and His incredible touch all about you.  He makes EVERY day worthwhile!


Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Being 'One'

The Word says
'Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they two shall become one flesh...'

How much time does it take for two
to REALY become 'one?
Can minutes...days...weeks...years
declare the same be 'done?'
They say that 'give-and-take' must be
the same for such to be,
but, after almost 40 years,
she is far, far more than me!

For God has seen that she's increased
as, slowly, I've declined.
As my wits about me dissipate
He has made hers more refined.
As she stays more 'behind-the-scenes'
this man's been glorified;
truth be told, I'd not be much
without her at my side!
For somehow God has gifted her
to see we firmly stand.
Not much would function in this house
without her skillful hand!
Her budgeting...her driving...
her memory...her tact...
her handiwork and faith in God
have kept this house intact!
Sure, I write and work a bit,
and I'm in the public eye,
but without my wife behind me, lost
and destitute would be I!!

For God knew exactly how to make
the gift that I call 'wife.'
So blessed and proud and wealthy I
that she is in my life!!

I know too many men that, in too many ways, take their wives for granted.  I see it every day and, unfortunately, this man has done the same...too often!  BUT GOD has blessed my wife with the ability to forgive me and continue to be the gift that He created just for me.  I AM SO BLESSED!


Monday, August 17, 2020

Is there a limit?

How far does 'friendship' go?
Those in pain, they know!
Those who panic understand;
and 'life' happens--so 'unplanned!'

"Honey, I'll be late this afternoon.
I'm helping the police and Deborah find June!
She's 'somewhere' but her car is still at home!
The sheriffs and police are out to comb."

It was an hour later than usual when she picked me up.  Security found June at the hospital in her husband's room at his bedside.  She could not remember how she got to the hospital when we all asked her!  The power of love.  The power of friendship.
We know she couldn't walk that far.  She has no cell phone.  It is a week later as I write this, and she STILL cannot tell us how she got to the hospital.  We can't think of anyone that she called.  Nobody at her church said they gave her a ride, and I know EVERYONE at the local taxi service, and they have no record of her.
But everyone is safe today.  Their children made it to town just in time to spend about a day with their dad before he left for Heaven.  I KNOW that's where he is because of the life he lived!  And a very full life!
It was quite a scare, but God showed us once again that when such as this happens, He strategically puts people where they need to be and when.  Blessed be them that avail themselves when such necessities arise!


Sunday, August 16, 2020

Sunday Afternoon

The chores of the week are done.  The stresses and trials have been overcome.  Even time in God's house has been enjoyed.  Now, we sit back and look out over the canyon...

As breezes of the afternoon amass,
it brings a cooling to the mountain pass;
so welcome as we settle for the day
to see the wonders He has on display.
There is a single cloud that plays on high,
but it shadows little the awe before mine eye:
the hills...the canyon...the river, ever-flowing...
aaah...the blessing of God-knowing!

For He settles with us to enjoy the view
and says He enjoys OUR company, too!
For He made us each to, with Him, fellowship,
and assures us we are never out of His grip!
Even as we savor His grand creation...
even when we 'feel' we're 'out of relation...'
loving Father God is right beside--
His presence, it can never be denied!

Taking in the very gentle breezes--
the stresses of this life it surely eases!
And enjoying them with God, the Great Creator--
oh tell me, brother, what else could be greater?!

Sunday.  Blessed Sunday.  The only time to be refreshed as such?  Of course not!  But this one seems quite different, easier, more relaxing...after the week that we have had, it is certainly most refreshing!

Friday, August 14, 2020

The Forecast

What is the forecast?  It depends on who you ask and where they are in life...

Clouds may fill the sky above,
but they bring needed rain;
storms be necessary, yes,
and some may bring on pain;
but Him Who rides upon the storm,
He knows of each affect,
and no matter the severity,
His love--it will protect!
We may not see immediate
the benefits of such,
but certain is His care for us
and constant be His touch!
Lightning strikes...thunder rolls...
He is not moved at all.
He is the Maker of the same
and settled be His call!

Regardless of the storm,
the issues that would form,
we yet securely stand
as He holds us in His hand!
Yes, though clouds may fill the sky,
the heart is bright and dry
as therein dwells the Son,
the One and only One!

The forecast of the day isn't necessarily ALWAYS pertaining to 'weather.'  For there are many folks going through storms of many kind.  BUT GOD is ever-present, and His protection fails not ever!


Thursday, August 13, 2020

The 'day in and day out...'

Every one of us has different things going on at different times...all the time.  There is, however, a priceless 'constancy' for them that belong to Jesus!

Tribulations be not permanent,
the bond with Jesus be!
This world, it will let go of you,
but His grip will ever be!
When people are ignoring you
or 'using' you at will,
He listens to your every word
and whispers "Peace, be still."

And as the pace gets faster in
the world that you are in,...
and when it seems like all you're
dealing with are heartless men,
He stables and secures You so that
you can stand your ground;
His very ways are merciful,
His offerings are sound!
Even in the tribulations
coming with each day,
regardless of the situation,
He provides a way,
a way that likely goes against
the grain of each new test;
take HIS way, He sees the end,
and He knows what is best!

Trust Him.  With any and all things that are going on in and around you, trust Him.  For He knows us better than we know ourselves, and HIS lead will cause us to be victorious!

Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Years ago, the people asked Jesus "...but who is my 'neighbor?"  I surely pray that YOUR answer is "Here am I, send me!"

How far to go to be a 'neighbor?'
But what defines the same?
If one avoids 'the extra mile,'
can one, 'a neighbor,' claim?
What if it takes a little time,
or it requires cash?
If I am to be a 'neighbor,'
should such even clash?

The purest of relationships
don't even ponder such!
They give without regard, and they
provide a constant touch.
Much deeper than 'just when I need you...'
or 'can I have such-and-such;'
a neighbor knows you'll be there, even
if they forget your touch.

So be a neighbor, and forget
to even count the cost!
For great is your reward from Him
Who covers every cost!

Someone down the street needed a 'neighbor' the other night.  Due to God's incredible timing, our 'medical' daughter was home and knew exactly what to do and when to call the paramedics!  They will certainly need 'neighborly' care again, and we WILL be there for them.  I surely hope you have neighbors that will do the same!

Thursday, August 6, 2020

His Better Way

"Another day in paradise?"  That's what this world would have you believe as you toil about and try to do as much as you can!  God has a better way...

When the pain becomes too great, He understands;
though the world continues giving you commands,
His invitation remains "Come, enter in..."
for there is solace and healing to be found therein!

When the pace becomes too great, He understands.
For EVERYTHING must bow to His commands!
He says "Slow, down.  Come to my side and rest."
For there am I restored and I am blessed!

And when everyone about has got demands,
I reach up and place each one inside His hands.
He takes care of that of which is most import,
and provides oasis unto which I resort!

Yes, this world will eat you up if you allow!
BUT GOD makes unto us a solemn vow:
"Cast all your cares upon Me and take time..."
Such simple steps to cause all of life to rhyme!

This world is showing no signs of slowing down.  In fact, it would have you believe that the faster you go, the more you will get done.  That MAY be true, but the more you obey that, the more worn out you will become!  Live at GOD'S pace, and you will be surprised how He will prosper you!

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Familiar and Not!

God is so good, so amazing, so wondrous and dependable.  However, He is also 'unexpected.'  Have YOU discovered that particular joy about His Person yet?

"There's nothing new under the sun..."
The wisest, long ago, to claim;
yet we find that, each new day,
not one of them to be the same!
Such enigma to confound us
all throughout His Holy Word!
He is the same then, now and forever,
yet His mercies are new each day occurred?

So we must live by faith, believing,
KNOWING He has all control--
God alone, the One Creator...
God--the Bishop of the soul!
One can depend on Him completely,
but He can't be put into a box!
For some, they must have concrete answers,
any less to cause them shocks!!

BUT GOD, He is dependable,
and His ways surpass our human ways!
Yet He relates to us completely,
therefore we give Him endless praise!
Such is the beauty of The Father:
every day He is so new!
NEVER weary of belonging
unto the One Who most loves You!

Just when you think You have God figured out, He says or does something to completely blow you away and cause you to want more and more of Him.  Such is the beauty and wonder of Him!  HE IS SO GOOD!

Saturday, August 1, 2020

The Mood of the Day

Each and every one of us has things to do...places to go...people to see.  We can decide before we even step out of the house what our attitudes will be when we get there.

Shall I repay with what I'm paid?
What purpose would that be?
This world has majored in the same,
BUT GOD says differently!
For vengeance--it belongs to Him,
and unto Him alone!
If I respond with grace and kindness,
minds--they will be blown!

Already are too many means 
that manufacture 'rage:'
the media...the internet...
even the printed page!
ALL have an opinion and
they hasten for to share,
even if it damages
somebody anywhere!
But if I respond with 'kindness'
and attempt to understand
it messes with the mind and brings
reactions so unplanned!
Such would Jesus do as He 
would walk amongst us now.
O be kind to one another and
'attempt' to 'see' somehow!

Certainly, there are things going on in each of our lives that we may not deserve.  However, our response to such has not only an effect on the situation, but on our health, as well.