Friday, July 3, 2020

What a beautiful word!

Oh how beautiful and wonderful is the sound of that word!  May we not let the attitudes or actions of certain others affect that right now!

We celebrate our freedom in many ways.
We have to do it, though, differently these days!
But our liberty shall NOT be overcome--
for we STILL have far more privilege than some!
For God, He's blessed us in so many ways!
Therefore, constant, unto Him, shall be our praise!
And He is worthy of each living word!
To be ungrateful would yet be so absurd!

We have the liberty to celebrate...

we even have the freedom to berate!
And, lately, some have used that liberty;
but do we truly know how 'privileged' we be?
For I have many friends that yearn for such.
They live in places that 'liberty' can't touch!
The lifestyle we enjoy--for such they long;
may we pray for them as we sing freedom's song!

Yes, we celebrate our freedom in many ways.

The greatest of which to be unending praise
to Jesus Christ Who sealed a 'liberty'
that no man nor document could guarantee!
So celebrate with praise inside your heart!
And give glory unto God: HOW GREAT THOU ART
for allowing us the grace to live this way!
"O Father, please bless and protect this U.S.A.!"

Yes, we are a blessed country indeed.  No matter what party you belong matter how you feel about whomever...we are FREE to do so!  That is a privilege denied to many.  May we NEVER take such for granted, and NEVER lose sight of those who do not have it so well.

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