Friday, July 24, 2020

True Wealth!

Each of us possess it.  But do we appreciate it?  If you are reading these words then you are wealthy, indeed, as You are also able to behold the wonder of His creation...

Whispers in the air disturb
the branches so alive...
the squirrels and the hummingbirds
are playful as they thrive...
the contents of those branches, they
now start to slowly turn
as very gentle hints of autumn
now begin to burn.

The cycle of the seasons--

ever-faithful, ever-slight;
visible, however, in
the vesper's gentle light.
I fellowship with Him Who
manufactures blessed awe;
we converse about the countless
wonders that I saw!

Whispers ever-faint begin

to gain intensity,
and branches' dance gains tempo with
the thunderheads to be!
'O come, ye welcome rain!  You are
so necessary here!
Your arrival, it would bring
much merriment and cheer!'

Summer soon expiring;

God's colors, though, admiring
with time to slowly pass...
we are such a wealthy mass!!

Yes, wealthy we are to behold the wonder and glory of His great creation.  No matter how hot it gets, no matter how cold it gets, we are wealthy nonetheless to simply be alive and KNOW the workings of His mighty hand!


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