Thursday, July 2, 2020

Too early?

Out on the deck with coffee.  Too early for some...others already at work...but at this hour the heart of the poet cries out

"Good morning, gracious Father!
Once more, so glorious day!
Creation touts Your majesty
in spectrum of display!
The rising sun...the song of bird...
the vast array of tree...
oh how can life do anything 
but resonate melody!
For You have made another cycle
of life as we know
to fully turn into this moment
of worship to bestow!
From limbs and boughs and branches,
and from the ground and sky--
all to harmonize in praise
and aptly prophesy!

And man would add his voice to the

crescendo that is 'morning'
as he beholds tone and spectacle
with which You be adorning!
The glory and the wonder--they
belong to You alone;
and grateful all the day we be
that You have shared Your Own!

Yes, good morning, gracious Father!

A great day is surely due
simply knowing Your great love
and that we belong to You!"

Too early?  Not for the company of Creator God!  He meets me here before anything else and we commune.  NEVER miss out on such wondrous matter what time of day it is, God is ALWAYS available!


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