Saturday, July 25, 2020

TIME to trust!

Some say it goes too fast.  Others say it goes too slow.  Many say it will end soon.  But time will always be.  The only point is where and how we will spend it.
Right now, I am spending it with Jesus as we watch TIME turn into evening in the glory of His creation...

Sunset tints the treetops yet once more,

as July is heading for the door.
So very many things today contained,
at not one of them this man complained.
Some of them I wish had lasted longer...
some of them served to make me stronger...
and some of them now help me to unwind--
like this time now with Jesus that I find!
He orders life to change its hue at will,
as He inserts great detail with such skill!
He talks to me about all that's happening,
but reasons are one thing He doesn't bring!
I know the latter, it will come in TIME;
thus I am to enjoy the things sublime.
Like the dragonflies...the hummingbirds...and the clouds...
and fret not about the things that He yet shrouds.
For I know that the present bliss may not last long;
And something else will surely come along.
Something of which He has complete control,
because He is the Bishop of my soul!
Yes, time happens--and no explanations are.

Oh, but He provides a peace that goes so far
as to escort us throughout whatever be!
Just trust Him with YOUR time and you will see!

Yes, trust Him.  Fully let go.  Release the grip you think you have upon that which is happening.  It is a very difficult thing for some.  Others, those who KNOW His faithfulness, have little trouble trusting their time to Him!


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