Friday, July 10, 2020

The New 'Normal?'

Around town...around the country...indeed, around the world, there is talk and proof of a 'new normal.'  ONE THING has caused almost everything else to shift or change!  One, however, changes not, and He is well aware of it all.

'Your ways are over and above;

Your motive is and will be LOVE!
Though 'happenings' are going on,
Your care for us is NEVER gone!
You see beyond this crisis now
while You maintain that solemn vow
to love, take care of and fight for us
as long as, in Your Son, we trust!
And even them not trusting yet:
the ones defying the love they get...
the ones who curse Your very Name...
You even love them all the same!

Yes, 'changed' to be the times that be,

but it won't last eternally.
"This, too, shall pass..." just like before
while yet Your standing at the door!'

Take heart, therefore, and carry on.

For someday, this plague will be gone
and Christ will stand victoriously!

Only ONE knows what each new day will bring.  It will rain and the just and the unjust.  The believer, however, has an assurance during this crisis like no one else has!  May we spread that assurance as much as possible!


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