Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The issues of the Day

They seem to amass with each new day to pass.  UNLESS we turn them over to Him and let HIM handle them.  That's the ONLY way we will move on...

The issues that afflict me--
God knows about them each,
but He make sure each one of them
will, only so far, reach!
The shield of His protection,
the shelter of his arms
make sure those daily issues
do not cause any harms!

So is His care for ANYONE 

who calls upon His Name.
He is so great that He can care
for everyone the same!
But some would yet reject Him, thinking
they have their own way,
slow to learn the love and care
His Presence would convey!

The issues of this life--for there

is NOT a greater way
to face them and to handle them
than casting them God's way!
He never meant for us to travel 
on this road alone;
He wants to be inside, beside,
that victory be known!!

The issues of this life affect us all.  The issues of this day affect us all.  But those issues are no match for Him, as He already knows the outcome of them each.  Who are YOU going to depend on?


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