Thursday, October 1, 2020

That Place Unique!

Before the day begins...before the list gets any longer...there tis time to pause, and a most beautiful place to go and watch the day form...

Underneath the awning in

the very early on;
hummingbirds dart in and out
and celebrate the dawn;
sipping on the nectar that
they've spoiled us to make,
they entertain with antics with
grace, beauty, speed and brake!

Rejuvenating be this time

that MUST be every day.
Life can wait as God and I
observe this peaceful way!
Though many things await completion,
time with HIM is first;
the blessings that arise from such,
they cannot be reversed!

Underneath the morning, oh so

vibrant, so alive,
before the duties of the day
and their affects arrive;
God so blesses, entertains
and truly fascinates--
underneath the awning, ignoring
chores and times and dates!

Yes, in that 'necessary' place once again, enjoying the Presence of God!  So calming, so healing and so reassuring before stepping out into 'life!'


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