Tuesday, July 28, 2020

That Early Escape!

Early once again.  Early in the peace, The Presence, and the scent of summertime.  Here to receive today's instructions...

Early once more at the escape

that He has set aside;
fellowshipping with Him as He
tells how to abide;
I do not want to rush this time;
I can't be 'in a hurry,'
lest I miss out upon the peace,
thus causing stress and worry.

But peace is plentiful here, as

the day begins to form.
Unto the guidance of His voice
I yield and I conform.
He is perfect--and His way
is perfect every time;
thus, as soon as possible,
into His lap I climb!

Early yet at the escape--

no other way to start.
He knows the issues I will face,
He knows my very heart!
And He knows the steps that I must take
for victory to be,
therefore, so early every day,
so fellowship do we!

Yes, I see what time it is right now.  But right now is the first chance I have had today to record the exclusive time God and I have each morning.  Try it for yourself.  The day will go much smoother, and you will surely get done that which HE purposes!


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