Monday, July 27, 2020

Summer Afternoon

Afternoon at Lake Norfork.  Enjoying the waters...but for how long?  Off in the distance, the clouds approach and give their warning...

So generous be His amazing heart!
So incredible, His handiwork and art!
The lake that spans before the writer's eyes
only His great hand could customize!
It's filled with little creatures without number,
and He uses it, all stress to disencumber!

Afar, beyond the forest, green and lush,

thunderheads arise and break the 'hush!'
As we frolic in the cool and calm,
He creates the storm with His Own palm!
The clouds light up and rumble as they form;
such is life here in the August warm!

Gentle waves lapping against the shore--

such wonders are what summer days are for.
The generosity of Creator God--
true life to pause to, His great might, applaud!

"Hey kids, just a little longer and we will have to go back home. There's a storm coming."  The grandchildren groan in return as they splash about.  So refreshing be the cool waters of the lake, and so generous be God to provide this wonderful retreat!


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