Monday, July 6, 2020

Precious Independence

A few days late...sorry!
Sure, we celebrated our freedom as a nation and we take that not for granted.  There is, however, another 'freedom' that only Christ can provide...

So glorious--the gift of
independence in this land!
We are free to move about and see
the workings of his hand!
Free to do that which we want,
to celebrate the same;
even free to gather and
to glorify God's Name!

Not everyone can make such claim

around this glorious world.
To do so in some places would
bring rocks and insults hurled!
For there are even places where
His praises induce death--
so fortunate we, as Americans,
to inhale freedom's breath!

And very blessed am I, as I

behold the day He's made;
to watch the mountain range afar
while relaxing in the shade
that comes so soon--before the chores
this new, free day would hold;
and He converses with me with
a freedom yet so bold!

Celebrating our independence on a glorious Sunday morning!  Giving thanks without end to The God Who provides independence...a liberty that goes beyond nationality!  Know God.  Know freedom that no law can affect!  He avails it yet to any and all who call on Jesus!


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