Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Knowing Signs

What time is it?  What time of year is it?  Where is God while all this is going on?  Them that know Him well know these answers...

As afternoon begins becoming late,

so glorious, the images that create
with just the slightest movement of His hand--
those privy and alert, they understand!

Before the countless leaves begin to turn,

they shimmer with slight movement then return
while reaching out as far as they can go--
it is July, and so beautiful, you know!

My Creator joins me in this perfect place.

So liberally would He, His Presence, grace!
Not every time 'spectacular' is He,
most times is He covert with subtlety!
That's why we must be with Him on ALL days
that we may come to know His many ways!
Like now, when it seems 'special' not at all:
you can see the afternoon, feel and hear Him call!

It's only a month into summer, but if you are aware, you can tell what time of year it is by feeling and listening and, of course, by seeing.  Are you just as sensitive to the Presence of God?  You can be...just by spending time in His Presence!


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