Friday, July 31, 2020


So we must ask ourselves about our behavior of late.  More so, we must ask ourselves such but CONSTANTLY as we are in these final days!

So many sowing discord
just to get a 'rush.'
They cannot stand a time of peace
or a length of 'hush!'
The media...the internet,
devouring the same.
United States=divided states--
it's such an awful shame!

"But I have an opinion and
it must be known to all!
Who cares that someone may get hurt!
Who cares that some may fall!'
'Edify one another...' huh!
This is the electronic age!
I can say and do whatever,
regardless of hate or rage!!"

How polarized from the commands
to be the present day!
Anybody with a voice
will jump into the fray!
And not the voice that would unite,
but, further, to divide;
the same but even to incite
and claim "IT'S JUSTIFIED!!"

"But God, so change the heart 
so that we not pick apart
the brothers that YOU have made.
May YOUR empathy be displayed!"

God help us.  Have we become so 'advanced' that we have forgotten the very basics of 'getting along with others?'  How far back must we go to become 'civil' once again?

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