Saturday, July 18, 2020

It's your choice!

Someone cuts too close to us in traffic, we explode!  Someone says something that offends us, we don't talk to them ever again.  Someone reports something on the news, we change the channel.  How did we become so over-sensitive??

Why does it seem that anger is

a staple in our diet?
Try as we may, there be so many
that would so deny it!
'Anger'--it remains a 'choice'
that each of us must make.
I know some 'angry' people that
display a 'joy' so fake!
Somebody makes a statement that
sets tone for all the day.
It may not even be what's said,
but the way they 'say.'
We have a decision to react
one way or another;
anger grows if we ALLOW it--
for we can choose the other!

Jesus gives us each ability

how to react.
The results of said reaction--
on our lives will it exact.
We are enabled to react 
in God's great grace and love;
the same to so affect all life
from God so high above!

Name-calling...threats....and even 'silence'

is how some react.
But Jesus has a greater way
to keep our 'selves' intact:
allow HIM to do battle for us
in ALL the things of life--
for such will allow us to excel,
and GOD will deal with the strife!

Too many examples of said strife and emotion being shown to us from too many outlets!  How will it affect YOU?  That is all up to YOU.  However, what if we reacted the way that Jesus does?  If we do so, the results will be far less painful and destructive!

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