Thursday, July 23, 2020

IN The Lake!

Ahhh...time off!  I know exactly where to go, and I am in the company of three beautiful people to go there with!

Norfork is choppy as the morn

turns into afternoon...
the surface of the lake rests not
as it did in June!
Perhaps the thunderheads about
have a role to play;
none of such to have effect though
on this most beauteous day!

Surely, there's a storm a-brewing,

due later tonight,
but now, as we frolic in the water,
it's a glorious sight!
And the water--so refreshing
from the heat that's been;
it makes one to desire to
stay but forever in!

But such cannot stay, as we know;

life--it must proceed!
And life right now includes this swim--
it is a want and need!
And God, Creator of this lake
and all that is surrounding,
makes sure that, so enjoyable, 
is life...and life abounding!

So needed and so necessary are such times as right now.  We are busy with business... busyness...and 'necessities' that are.  But don't forget that rest and relaxation are necessities, too!  And God, in His infinite wisdom, provides time for such also.


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